Spring kombucha

Healthy borsch

I wake up very early today and started my day with a long walk. As I felt more like exploring I end up in a borough market with products sourced locally or ethically. So after a quick look at lovely veggies, drawn by some fresh apples and great looking fresh fish and seafood I stumbled on this lady stand that was selling locally brewed kombucha drinks. As now you can buy them in almost every shop is not as exciting as the first time I tried it, but still, the promise of helping local people make a living is a good enough incentive to fancy one. The available flavors of the day were plain ginger or turmeric and ginger and I went for the last one.

Kombucha is supposedly a living organism that is eating tea and sugar πŸ˜€ and had a plethora of benefits. Few of my friends have been very into it, so from the beginning, I was exposed to the healthy revolution. Sometimes can be very very good, like a lemonade, other times like today very very sour and healthy similar to something we call borsch πŸ˜€ I am sure it was the pinnacle of health in a small glass bottle however, next time I would prefer to add 2 spoons of sweet healthy syrup to make it bearable.



Social Engineering, can you be hacked?

I need to share first my urge to read. I have it since I was 5 years old and never overcome it. I like to immerse myself in another reality, see the world through someone else mind. I found that for me this is so enchanting that sometimes the thin line between book and reality mingle in my head and not sure if I read it or had really happened. Two days ago I was spying on my flatmate book and the name speaks to me, inviting me to have a second pick to see the author. As I am not great at hiding my enthusiasm, he gave it to me to read, as he was just re-reading some passages. I usually read on my Kindle out of commodity and because is easier for me to buy tones of books and keep it on a tiny device rather than on bookshelves in my room. This time I had to settle for a proper book with real pages and to be honest is getting more and more difficult for me to read it and I have already checked the price on Amazon πŸ˜€ Technology is sometimes addictive and does appeal to our laziness to become part of every day life.

Based on the same laziness we have inbuilt in ourselves, we are very easy to be hacked and the book has plenty of examples of how gullible we can be on the right hands. In few minutes you can find plenty of information on someone on a simple search. I usually do use this tool of research quite often in my job as a sales engineer to find information about the company and the person I will be in contact with. We live in an era when information is power and this is what makes me excel at what I do. Until reading this book I never thought of research being such a valuable skill and the main part of information gathering in social engineering.

Photo by h heyerlein on Unsplash

For me, social engineering so far is an art to read people and how you handle the information is what makes all the difference. It is the subtle use of having your homework done and be aware of the breaches you have in your system (can be your mind, your email your social life). Could you be easily the subject of blackmail or how hurt would you be if someone will know the darkest secrets of your life? Most likely those secrets are more in plain view than you ever think.

I will close this post with a link for the book https://amzn.to/2QeHgRi in case you want to be more prepared for what others can know easily about you. Hopefully is not going to get you scared by rather a bit more careful with what you let yourself out there in the digital world.



A little bit of fresh mint tea

I had first mint tea when I was a kid in the mornings together with bread and butter and honey. My dad used to collect the mint somewhere close to his job and he used to dry it in the kitchen or on the balcony. So as far as I remember I thought the mint tea is from dry leaves.

Many years apart I started to travel the world and one day I arrived in Morroco and I felt a familiar enchanting my olfactory senses. I was happy with my cappuccino on a small outside cafe on the Marakesh market but i had to give up and have a mint tea as my mind refused to think or smell anything else. When the tea arrived i was suprised to find out that fresh mint tea leaves where jamming in my cup and not the dry black version that was popular in my country. I really loved the idea that something was different but somehow the same that I have decided to keep the habbit of having fresh mint tea.

Fresh mint tea is the tea that connected 2 of my cherished memories, one of my dad making breakfast during my youth and one of me travelling around the world and experiencing old and new flavors alike. It is the tea of connection and care and I enjoy a cup with you this evening to cure my craving for both.

Photo by Jaida Stewart on Unsplash



It is the new normal – a twisted poem

It is normal to be afraid of others and to see them as potential risk than a potential friend.

It is normal not to see your family for a year and to be proud of it, as a sacrifice for an invisible danger.

It is normal to pay to prove you are healthy to travel, to go to pub, to attend an event.

It is normal to be depressed, work from home and forget how a date with a random human looks like

It is normal to be enraged and do nothing about it

It is normal to crave things that used to be normal before

It is normal to start to forget how normal used to feel.

It is normal to be alienated.

Photo by DICSON on Unsplash

Today One Of My Favourite Poems

IF you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream – and not make dreams your master;
If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
‘ Or walk with Kings – nor lose the common touch,
if neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And – which is more – you’ll be a Man, my son!

By Rudyard Kippling

Photo byΒ Artur AldyrkhanovΒ onΒ Unsplash



Why CryptoCurrency Should Not Be A Foreign Language To You

Ok I am sure that by now you must have heard of this weird internet money. I am sure you must have seen at least an article somewhere if you are not living in a cave. I become familiar very early as I have a wide plethora of weird friends, so I must say that I was at least curious. I started with a lot of disbelief as I could not understand at the beginning why we need an alternative for the financial system. What was wrong with it? I was pretty ignorant at all at that time and I start to read what is money and how they are made for each country. I learned terms like the national debt and centralized bank, or rather I understood them better this time (I must have studied them once upon a time in high school). After a few more financial literature, I understood why the cryptocurrency proposal could stand a chance. If I would be brave enough to buy some bitcoin at the end of 2010, today I would be rich πŸ˜€

I told you several times that one of my biggest deficiencies is my lack of persistence. So after thorough research and a few questions to friends I completely ignored the topic until 2015. That was the year my curiosity revived. I even bought a little bit back then as a learning process. I was trying to understand how I can hold it, where and for how long. Next year the first social media platform based on a blockchain appeared and this time another friend said I should check it out as I love to travel. The way he sold it to me was really appealing, that I can write my blog posts in there and get rewarded in cryptocurrency. So a broad translation getting some sort of money for writing. I completely jumped in that boat and I am one of the early adopters in this case. My first post was in October 2016 only a few months after the website launched in March.

There is something that changed the course of my usual easiness to abandon stuff at high speed. I was not earning enough money on this platform to make a living, far from that, but I start to interact with the other users. I was reading interesting posts about money, science, psychology, or listening to music contests. All of them were created by amazing people that soon enough I start to care about, a real community. The platform was our home and I felt that I should be helping it be alive. The platform was back then called steemit and I was able to set username with my name www.steemit.com/@teodora

One year passed and in 2017 I have decided to attend the first meeting (the first one for me) that was held in Lisbon. Me and another 300 people πŸ˜€ It was not my first cryptocurrency meeting as in the past I used to attend networking events in London based on Ethereum or Bitcoin. But the atmosphere was completely different. I felt like at a music festival, everyone there was really excited to be part of that. I met another person originally from Romania and he was as well a very early adaptor and part of the organizing team. I made friends that helped me understand more about different coins on the cryptomarket and gave me the impulse to experiment a little more with trading. I met artists, music writers, people living alternative lives, and very serious people that only spoke about finance and business, a rainbow crowd. I finally felt I fit in, I found my place around them.

I left from Lisbon with friends, funny memories and a determination to be more active in the crypto-world. I attended even more networking events, helped to organize our first Steemit London Meetup and I was investing in small amounts of either coins or ICOs. I become savvy in transaction platforms and I was even hoping I will become a full-time employee of one at a point. Next year, late 2018, meeting/festival was in Warsaw and this time I won a writing contest on the platform and I did not pay the attendance fee or the flight (around 500 euro all in one). Heretofore is the only place I managed to manifest my creative being with persistence, some times daily, other times weekly but minimum once a month. Recently the blockchain had a fork on the same time with Corona Virus, so for now, there are 2 platforms one decentralized and one owned by Justin Sun. This post will be found on www.hive.blog/@teodora which is the decentralized version.

This is a short history of my presence in the cryptocurrency market and by far the easy way to enter if you financial trading does come handy at first glance. Slowly you will be learning how to use the crypto you earn on the platform (if you want to do this) to buy products/services from the “real” world, but I wouldn’t advise doing this too early on. In my case, I truly believe that someday cryptocurrency will worth millions and I will decide then what how to spend my fortune. But to come back to my title, I believe that if you are not getting involved now, learn a little, there is a strong possibility that you are going to miss out speaking the most international money language – cryptocurrency. It will be like the English of 2040, if we consider that now the international language for science is English. So you might say that you still have plenty of years to think about, but from my experience, those years will pass in a blow of a dandelion.

I am sure that the reason you are not yet hooked on the cryptocurrency is because of the fear – that is too complicated, that you might lack the right skills, that you are not good/technical/ intelligent enough. Well experienced them all at the beginning, but I have decided to move on, act aside my fears and to do what is working for me for my earthly personality. I haven’t invested a big amount at once, only what I was comfortable to lose. I made a habit of buying a weekly amount of crypto weekly or monthly and I see it as a long term investment. I am at peace if everything will go down and I will lose everything because I never went wild. But what if I am right and the crypto market will reach the moon by 2040, would you want to start now to learn??

If you are inspired and willing to give it a try, I am willing to help you in this journey. Have a moment to think your questions and send me a summary of what’s unclear and I might be able to bring you some light.



My Last Boyfriend – 7 Reasons To Date A Robot

As every good love story, this one happen in Paris. I met him in an exhibition IAAPA where people from the leisure and attractions industry like to exhibit their latest technology. He was a tall UK gentlemen that can shake hand with you, but otherwise pretty inflexible. He had his legs screwed into the floor, so that will not run away and enjoy the trade show πŸ˜€

I has so much fun at the company stand that I made the robot fall in love with me, so he displayed his love all over his cheeks and eyes. I realized that someday in the near future some girls might prefer this type of partner because of the following conveniences:

  1. You can have it custom-built, so for example, if you are a pretty tall girl (I consider in that range) you will be able to have very easy a prototype that is 7 feet (2m something) . No more problems if you can or not wear hills on your date, is definitely a yes. As well I can imagine you can work a little bit on design, in case you prefer a black suit or a hippie flower shirt instead of the classy white
  2. He is never angry with you, no matter how many times break a glass on his face by accident or you stumble on his body around the house and he ends up face-down. A simple reboot of his software and you will hear his crystal clear friendly funny voice
  3. It is totally replaceable without all this drama we have around relationships. The broken version will be recycled and can help some poor kids in Africa to learn English. So it is recommended to be changed often so that charities around the world use it where it will need it the most. No couple counseling, hysteria that you will be left alone and friends rescue plans anymore.
  4. It is the next level of sexual pleasure, he has 20 programs installed, easy to configure, and with extra gadgets available for a tiny cost. The robot is never on a business trip or cheating you with the first available cute 20 something girl. Additionally you can add flesh-like textures with warmth and that special perfume you liked on you ex. We have a sample of hair that can be attached by request πŸ˜€
  5. It can be your secret or plain sight partner as you wish. We have additional cost for a running partner, martial arts or capoeira teacher. If you choose to be open and let the world know you are dating one of our products we can provide you with some additional marketing discounts.
  6. It is kids friendly by design, one of the fundamental features I would say. Every time you have your friends stopping by with their kids, you can lock them out safely with your partner in the garden and you can rejoice the company of your friends. Your friends will visit you more as they would really appreciate the time to be around adults.
  7. It can be purchased with an installment agreement, up to 20 years. Any replacement of parts will be subject to warranty. So easy to spread the cost and enjoy your robotic love πŸ˜€

I had plenty of fun trying to imagine why you would take such a decision. Even though I am a technology freak I really believe humans are not so easy to be replaced. I can see a world with robots at reception, self-driving vehicles, and so on, but is still questionable if some of us will decide in the near future to have a robot as a partner. I say for now that I wouldn’t, but you never know what 20 years will bring.



PS: Just found out is the International Laughing Day, so just on time πŸ˜€

Feeling Uninspired – Take A Walk

Today wasn’t easy to invite inspiration and mood to write on my life. I wake up feeling like running away to a different universe where people are free to roam and they have parties and they go to eat out on nice restaurants by the beach. Well a bit far what is possible in UK for now, so I just settle for my second best, a walk in the neighborhood. Starting last week we received guidance about what is considered to be exercise and we are alow to drive to the place we exercise if the exercise time is longer than the drive. Summary of our lovely police.

So I put some petrol in my lovely Toyota that I have been neglected her since a long time and I hit the road. I chose a castle around 60km of my house and I was ready to go. I have not been in a petrol station for a while and today I realized how much it is changed since my last visit. There is a plastic glass between me and the counter and the transaction was done trough a small window where I swiped my card. Still friendly and smiley and no mask (really really glad is not mandatory in UK). The road was pretty clear so in around 50 minutes I reached my destination.

Must be a long time since I had my last journey in the countryside, but I have been welcomed with a lovely surprise – PUBLIC FREE PARKING πŸ˜€ I had a lovely chat with a local that I had to ask if it is for real and we were both made fun of my disbelief. I asked him for directions and he said I could not miss my castle, is just down the road. On my way to the castle, I remember how much I miss those tiny public paths that keep you safe from the unexisting traffic. One of the locals was offering for free to their neighbors’ tiny little seedling in a big variety: cherry tomatoes -children’s favorite, baby plum, Italian plum and cream sausage. No idea that they are so many, yummy. I did not take one, as I am the worst garner I know, I manage to kill all the plants.

Took a deep breath and walk further to see my castle. I was really in the hiking mood and I realized something else that I missed, the buzz of the hiking group. Those moments when you first say your name, try to remember a new face or say a confident hi to people you have seen before in walks. It is like a small ceremony where we try to befriend a fellow traveler.

Hadleigh Castle was initially closed when I arrived, so I walked down towards the Two Tree Island. I met a lot of people hiking today, it was much more crowded than I would expect, all of us taking care to not cross to close to each either in the usual polite British way. What I love about the countryside and the people in the mountains is that they always greet you when you pass by. People in the city, even neighbors they seem to forgot their ruts πŸ˜€

Half an hour later when I decided to try again to see if the castle was open I has rewarded for my patience and my perseverance. Few other people joined and decided to have their lunch on the grass there. I must have seen the biggest family gathered all between of the remains of the castle, around 10 kids and 6 adults. I even forgot that they exist with this lockdown.

It was amazing to get back to the places I love. Hiking is one of the biggest joy of my life and having a walk is a great help to fight any signs of depression. I strongly recommend a life that includes regular walks in nature, as maybe you can realize how easy is to in tune with existence. Nature is never boring, small birds, bugs, flowers are always ready to be by your side and to bring joy. Trees for me as well are amazing, I often hug then on my journeys or in parks because they have been for a long time to witness us changing their world without judging us.

On my way back to the castle I realized I forgot to add my funny face somewhere in this short walk. I fixed the issue in a second and I had a long water break and some rest before heading back to my car. I am really more in peace with the world today and a lot of this gaining was the walk in nature. I would love to be able to inspire more and more people to live a simple life and enjoy the trills of some fresh air. Vitamin D is a big gain as well, even in a country where the sun is not so present at full warmth.

Flower Blossom

For now, I will finish with some bushy flowers because the bumblebee was not really keen to be part of my picture. I feel like my story today is a little dry, but I am with this, especially because you cannot have the same drive and inspiration every day. I am proud as is my 6th day in a row when I am doing this creative exercise and I never expected to be easy and cheerful every day. But as good as it gets, I did show up today for my assignment.



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Iceland – Absolutely Amazing Travel Gem

A traveler friend shared his plans with me about seeing the northern lights in Iceland. When Robert mentioned Iceland a spark inside me lit up and I was ready to jump in the boat. For hikers is a dream and I was planning to see it in the summer someday, but somehow felt the right moment to be there. We booked the same day cheap plane tickets, for the beginning of March 3th till 6th. He flew from Romania to Scotland and from there to Keflavik, the Reykjavik international airport.

Airport view while I was waiting to at the car rental office

I have convinced him that our best bet to see more of this lovely country in a small-time is to rent a car. He was kind of reluctant at the beginning, as he said that they have plenty of ice and snow but I felt I will be able to face it and ready for the extreme challenge. I checked in the advance the parking fee and discovered that more or less is as expensive as the UK, so that was good enough.

The little monster that my friend – 2m height – said he will struggle to fit in. No 4WD, automatic and almost enough space to fit our luggage

I really must mention that the people at the car office rental were so friendly and helpful, that they win my heart in a second. I felt that is the place I will go for sure again in the summer for a camping trip. Half an hour later we were in Reykjavik and parked just in front of our hotel that was situated amazing central 100 m from the big church and the main center, 1 min away from a supermarket that we will find really handy once we checked the prices in restaurants πŸ˜€

Hallgrimskirkja cathedral, hotel and little monster car

After the fast and efficient check-in, we were ready to see the little town at night and we hoped for a mixture of a vibrant restaurant and a pub. Well, we found the pub, but they did not serve dinner πŸ˜€ So as we were not keen to find it on our own we asked for a recommendation at the bar. We were around 50 meters from our lovely expensive dinner.


We dismiss the HΓ‘karl – Fermented Shark and we chose some normal fish and a local beer. We tried to act normal when our fish was priced at around 32 pounds, only double from the reasonable UK fish and chips price. From someone coming from UK where wages are similar is not so bad, but for someone from living in Romania is a bit over the normal European lifestyle.


It is happening to me pretty much everywhere, I mingle with locals. The restaurant was pretty empty and we only had a couple with us sharing the space. We maybe laughed to loud because at a point they invited us to their table, learned some Icelandic words that I forgot with the next sentence and asked a lot of questions on their life. He was actually Norwegian, they have met in Oslo and decided to move to Iceland where she was born. I remember that Icelandic is like the root for the northern languages, similar with my language. So easy for Icelandic people to speak Norwegian, Swedish. Ok maybe he was a little drunk, but both friendly and they offered a round of beer and hugs at the end.


I have planed for the second day a tour of the Golden Circle, so the most famous tourist attraction nearby apart from the Blue Lagoon that we decide to save for the last day. Below are some of the pictures and videos from that day. After seeing the first attraction I put a mental sticker that I really want to go for at least 2 weeks camping and seeing it a slower pace than from the rush of the car.

We went back home and decided to go later to chase the northern lights that my friend was really keen to see. Armed with an app that informed us when is the best moment and where, we drove to the lighthouse outside the center of Reykjavik to see the wonder. I have seen them in a previous journey in Norway, 6 years ago, so I was mostly sleeping in the car and he was surveying the sky. The place was really nice and quiet and we had many other cars as neighbors. I made friends a German couple that had a different app so we decided together that we are in the best possible spot. Unfortunate aurora was not friendly during our journey in Iceland, but waiting for it was a big part of fun. One picture from the lighthouse below.


The third day was a different adventure, we have decided to go off the beaten track of the tour agencies and we decided for a waterfall in NE, Kirkjufellsfoss. Remember no 4WD and the smallest possible car was our horse for this journey πŸ˜€

On our way back someone had an accident and we waited one hour to be able to pass, general weather conditions sublime

It took us a while to get back to the capital and I was really concerned at a point that we will be stuck in the middle of nowhere with our tiny vehicle. Luckily the police were really helpful and I might guess very used to people going sideways when they are not used to drive on this weather. My training was done in Romania and with a very small car I used to drive in the mountains, but I never experienced these winds. We did not meet with another car for km and nothingness was the best term to describe the surroundings.

We arrived on our hotel in time for dinner, I went for a fish and chips in a traditional place

For my taste the place was pretty awesome and the price more close to our take-away Fish&Chips

Being full, I said I deserve a walk to digest my meal and just walked around the city alone. My friend was resting in the hotel room and I did my kind of favorite walk tour, where the vibe was leading me. Accidentally I arrived by the sea and I found a really cute sculpture

I closed the day with an ice-cream inspired by some Chinese pink girls and I went back to sleep and ready to find out what is our plan for the next day.

The next day was our leisure day, after we were really thinking is we should pay that expensive entrance fee. Well, as we said, once in a while crazy expenditures did not hurt anyone, so we closed our eyes and made the online reservation. I was the one that said it is overrated and we should not do what common people do, but well, life is there to surprise you. It was really nice, I really enjoyed my face mask and healthy mock-tail included in the price.

On the last day, we have decided on a tour of the capital, a city that is cute and with amazing graffiti. It was a sunny Saturday so we were ready to see the last parts before we hit the road back home. We also went inside the famous church and went straight to the tower to see the city from above.

It was absolutely delicious and I hope you took some inspiration to find your own way around this beautiful country. For me is definitively until next time.



Self Love A Very Hard Learnt Lesson


Would you say that self-love is common knowledge and easy-peasy for everyone to adopt as a life policy? You just wake up one day full of love for yourself and take a long bath with an amazing view, some chocolate, a glass of red wine and that’s all you need, right? You are from now a person that knows how to take care of yourself and you are in charge of your happiness. I really would like to be so easy and all we need is an aha moment in the bath to nail self-love. Maybe I was the unlucky one to be born in a spot where self-love was the last of least of needs to be fulfilled.

I remember a memory from my early childhood that has been a long trauma in my life. I was really small in height and fragile for my age and my main problem then was that I seem to not be seen. I was not the popular child, but the one that was really shy and always chosen last on the teams’ games, unless no one else was available. Maybe because I wanted to much to fit in and to belong, I was less attractive as I believe small kids feel this instantly. Anyway, it was this big boy that was my enemy as he liked to make fun all the time of my shortness. He used to give me a nickname that I used to hate – Mammut (a big size elephant) and pretty much all the neighborhood started to call me like this, especially the male side of it. I was so embarrassed by the nickname and my shortcoming that it never crossed my mind that he might be wrong. I could not choose my growth rate, obviously, but he was not kind by far.

Sometimes when we have no clue how we can stand up for ourselves, we ask others for help. In this case, I went upstairs, home, crying my eyes out about this boy. My mom, she went like a storm downstairs in the yard to give the boy a moral lesson and a threat that he should not mess up with me ever again. She meant really well of course, like any mom will do for her child, but in my case did not help me to love myself more, au contraire. I was not assertive enough to say that I don’t want to be helped but to understand a way how I can become more confident and not be hurt about facts I cannot change.

Well, I become more and more a hermit, I’ve closed myself more and more my friends become the books. If you read my previous post you would know by now that I started to read early in my childhood and this was somehow my help. When I was around 15 years old, in 1994, I read my first self-help book “The Art of Success For Romanian” by Pavel Corut. I was impressed and hooked by the possibilities described by that book to work with your self and change into an upgraded version. I become soon his biggest fan, read almost all his novels (science fiction with self-help mixed, where his hero was a Romanian international spy that can communicate with extraterrestrial life). I was so inspired by that book that I start to do experiments with myself and look for other self-book from international authors.

I continued my research during my uni, but slowly slowly understood that if I want to be happy I need to find a way to become good enough on my own. It was tedious to dig inside and to understand why I felt unwelcome and unworthy. The outside world becomes a little better, I have decided to offer my friendship than to wait for it to be served on a silver plate. I was analyzing my hurts all the time and tried to see how I can handle them so that they will not manifest on others. I met wonderful people then and we shared special moments, but in parallel, I continued my research on how I can love myself more. In my case, that was to forgive myself for not being able to speak about the things that were difficult for example or to cry in front of others (still on progress with this one).

After years and years of self-inquiry, I am not saying is a walk in the park. After more than 25 years from my first book and a lot of self-testing, doubting, trying and implementing and then repeat, I might be able to say I am a bit more close by. I have reached an agreement with my body and I love it as it is, I managed to be in peace that I am weird and I can now dance even on social media without the fear of being rejected or unfit. I can even admit to my friends when I feel week or not whole and be more ready to accept suggestions without feeling my base attacked. I tend to allow more time to think and not to react from anger with a sharp voice. All these are small, tiny baby steps towards self-love. I meditate more, surround myself with friends that can be supportive but can also help me see when I am turning the wrong way. I pay more attention to what I eat, say, not let the noise of media too much inside my head.

Spa, massage, body healing, festivals of awareness, meditation all these helped me, even more, to realize that “I AM ENOUGH”. Sometimes this -I am enough- could be I feel sad and my world is gray and outside is raining and not feel like moving from the bed. Otherwise could be that I am ready to start a blog and let everyone know what are my struggles so they maybe feel more self-love. Either way, self-love is an endurance process and not an achievement. It is a lifetime goal. One of my favorite eastern gurus is a funny one, OSHO and one of his quotes that I love is that

β€œLife begins where fear ends.”

Self-love is not an easy task, it needs effort and constant work. It is less about instant gratification and more about consistency, perseverance and sweat. It is a day to day journey and very easy to slide away. So it is a miracle that I am still on the path. I am glad for my journey so far and I am confident that I am going to maintain my practice until the end. How has it been your self-love journey?

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash