Spring kombucha

Healthy borsch

I wake up very early today and started my day with a long walk. As I felt more like exploring I end up in a borough market with products sourced locally or ethically. So after a quick look at lovely veggies, drawn by some fresh apples and great looking fresh fish and seafood I stumbled on this lady stand that was selling locally brewed kombucha drinks. As now you can buy them in almost every shop is not as exciting as the first time I tried it, but still, the promise of helping local people make a living is a good enough incentive to fancy one. The available flavors of the day were plain ginger or turmeric and ginger and I went for the last one.

Kombucha is supposedly a living organism that is eating tea and sugar 😀 and had a plethora of benefits. Few of my friends have been very into it, so from the beginning, I was exposed to the healthy revolution. Sometimes can be very very good, like a lemonade, other times like today very very sour and healthy similar to something we call borsch 😀 I am sure it was the pinnacle of health in a small glass bottle however, next time I would prefer to add 2 spoons of sweet healthy syrup to make it bearable.



Social Engineering, can you be hacked?

I need to share first my urge to read. I have it since I was 5 years old and never overcome it. I like to immerse myself in another reality, see the world through someone else mind. I found that for me this is so enchanting that sometimes the thin line between book and reality mingle in my head and not sure if I read it or had really happened. Two days ago I was spying on my flatmate book and the name speaks to me, inviting me to have a second pick to see the author. As I am not great at hiding my enthusiasm, he gave it to me to read, as he was just re-reading some passages. I usually read on my Kindle out of commodity and because is easier for me to buy tones of books and keep it on a tiny device rather than on bookshelves in my room. This time I had to settle for a proper book with real pages and to be honest is getting more and more difficult for me to read it and I have already checked the price on Amazon 😀 Technology is sometimes addictive and does appeal to our laziness to become part of every day life.

Based on the same laziness we have inbuilt in ourselves, we are very easy to be hacked and the book has plenty of examples of how gullible we can be on the right hands. In few minutes you can find plenty of information on someone on a simple search. I usually do use this tool of research quite often in my job as a sales engineer to find information about the company and the person I will be in contact with. We live in an era when information is power and this is what makes me excel at what I do. Until reading this book I never thought of research being such a valuable skill and the main part of information gathering in social engineering.

Photo by h heyerlein on Unsplash

For me, social engineering so far is an art to read people and how you handle the information is what makes all the difference. It is the subtle use of having your homework done and be aware of the breaches you have in your system (can be your mind, your email your social life). Could you be easily the subject of blackmail or how hurt would you be if someone will know the darkest secrets of your life? Most likely those secrets are more in plain view than you ever think.

I will close this post with a link for the book https://amzn.to/2QeHgRi in case you want to be more prepared for what others can know easily about you. Hopefully is not going to get you scared by rather a bit more careful with what you let yourself out there in the digital world.



A little bit of fresh mint tea

I had first mint tea when I was a kid in the mornings together with bread and butter and honey. My dad used to collect the mint somewhere close to his job and he used to dry it in the kitchen or on the balcony. So as far as I remember I thought the mint tea is from dry leaves.

Many years apart I started to travel the world and one day I arrived in Morroco and I felt a familiar enchanting my olfactory senses. I was happy with my cappuccino on a small outside cafe on the Marakesh market but i had to give up and have a mint tea as my mind refused to think or smell anything else. When the tea arrived i was suprised to find out that fresh mint tea leaves where jamming in my cup and not the dry black version that was popular in my country. I really loved the idea that something was different but somehow the same that I have decided to keep the habbit of having fresh mint tea.

Fresh mint tea is the tea that connected 2 of my cherished memories, one of my dad making breakfast during my youth and one of me travelling around the world and experiencing old and new flavors alike. It is the tea of connection and care and I enjoy a cup with you this evening to cure my craving for both.

Photo by Jaida Stewart on Unsplash