Why CryptoCurrency Should Not Be A Foreign Language To You

Ok I am sure that by now you must have heard of this weird internet money. I am sure you must have seen at least an article somewhere if you are not living in a cave. I become familiar very early as I have a wide plethora of weird friends, so I must say that I was at least curious. I started with a lot of disbelief as I could not understand at the beginning why we need an alternative for the financial system. What was wrong with it? I was pretty ignorant at all at that time and I start to read what is money and how they are made for each country. I learned terms like the national debt and centralized bank, or rather I understood them better this time (I must have studied them once upon a time in high school). After a few more financial literature, I understood why the cryptocurrency proposal could stand a chance. If I would be brave enough to buy some bitcoin at the end of 2010, today I would be rich 😀

I told you several times that one of my biggest deficiencies is my lack of persistence. So after thorough research and a few questions to friends I completely ignored the topic until 2015. That was the year my curiosity revived. I even bought a little bit back then as a learning process. I was trying to understand how I can hold it, where and for how long. Next year the first social media platform based on a blockchain appeared and this time another friend said I should check it out as I love to travel. The way he sold it to me was really appealing, that I can write my blog posts in there and get rewarded in cryptocurrency. So a broad translation getting some sort of money for writing. I completely jumped in that boat and I am one of the early adopters in this case. My first post was in October 2016 only a few months after the website launched in March.

There is something that changed the course of my usual easiness to abandon stuff at high speed. I was not earning enough money on this platform to make a living, far from that, but I start to interact with the other users. I was reading interesting posts about money, science, psychology, or listening to music contests. All of them were created by amazing people that soon enough I start to care about, a real community. The platform was our home and I felt that I should be helping it be alive. The platform was back then called steemit and I was able to set username with my name www.steemit.com/@teodora

One year passed and in 2017 I have decided to attend the first meeting (the first one for me) that was held in Lisbon. Me and another 300 people 😀 It was not my first cryptocurrency meeting as in the past I used to attend networking events in London based on Ethereum or Bitcoin. But the atmosphere was completely different. I felt like at a music festival, everyone there was really excited to be part of that. I met another person originally from Romania and he was as well a very early adaptor and part of the organizing team. I made friends that helped me understand more about different coins on the cryptomarket and gave me the impulse to experiment a little more with trading. I met artists, music writers, people living alternative lives, and very serious people that only spoke about finance and business, a rainbow crowd. I finally felt I fit in, I found my place around them.

I left from Lisbon with friends, funny memories and a determination to be more active in the crypto-world. I attended even more networking events, helped to organize our first Steemit London Meetup and I was investing in small amounts of either coins or ICOs. I become savvy in transaction platforms and I was even hoping I will become a full-time employee of one at a point. Next year, late 2018, meeting/festival was in Warsaw and this time I won a writing contest on the platform and I did not pay the attendance fee or the flight (around 500 euro all in one). Heretofore is the only place I managed to manifest my creative being with persistence, some times daily, other times weekly but minimum once a month. Recently the blockchain had a fork on the same time with Corona Virus, so for now, there are 2 platforms one decentralized and one owned by Justin Sun. This post will be found on www.hive.blog/@teodora which is the decentralized version.

This is a short history of my presence in the cryptocurrency market and by far the easy way to enter if you financial trading does come handy at first glance. Slowly you will be learning how to use the crypto you earn on the platform (if you want to do this) to buy products/services from the “real” world, but I wouldn’t advise doing this too early on. In my case, I truly believe that someday cryptocurrency will worth millions and I will decide then what how to spend my fortune. But to come back to my title, I believe that if you are not getting involved now, learn a little, there is a strong possibility that you are going to miss out speaking the most international money language – cryptocurrency. It will be like the English of 2040, if we consider that now the international language for science is English. So you might say that you still have plenty of years to think about, but from my experience, those years will pass in a blow of a dandelion.

I am sure that the reason you are not yet hooked on the cryptocurrency is because of the fear – that is too complicated, that you might lack the right skills, that you are not good/technical/ intelligent enough. Well experienced them all at the beginning, but I have decided to move on, act aside my fears and to do what is working for me for my earthly personality. I haven’t invested a big amount at once, only what I was comfortable to lose. I made a habit of buying a weekly amount of crypto weekly or monthly and I see it as a long term investment. I am at peace if everything will go down and I will lose everything because I never went wild. But what if I am right and the crypto market will reach the moon by 2040, would you want to start now to learn??

If you are inspired and willing to give it a try, I am willing to help you in this journey. Have a moment to think your questions and send me a summary of what’s unclear and I might be able to bring you some light.



My Last Boyfriend – 7 Reasons To Date A Robot

As every good love story, this one happen in Paris. I met him in an exhibition IAAPA where people from the leisure and attractions industry like to exhibit their latest technology. He was a tall UK gentlemen that can shake hand with you, but otherwise pretty inflexible. He had his legs screwed into the floor, so that will not run away and enjoy the trade show 😀

I has so much fun at the company stand that I made the robot fall in love with me, so he displayed his love all over his cheeks and eyes. I realized that someday in the near future some girls might prefer this type of partner because of the following conveniences:

  1. You can have it custom-built, so for example, if you are a pretty tall girl (I consider in that range) you will be able to have very easy a prototype that is 7 feet (2m something) . No more problems if you can or not wear hills on your date, is definitely a yes. As well I can imagine you can work a little bit on design, in case you prefer a black suit or a hippie flower shirt instead of the classy white
  2. He is never angry with you, no matter how many times break a glass on his face by accident or you stumble on his body around the house and he ends up face-down. A simple reboot of his software and you will hear his crystal clear friendly funny voice
  3. It is totally replaceable without all this drama we have around relationships. The broken version will be recycled and can help some poor kids in Africa to learn English. So it is recommended to be changed often so that charities around the world use it where it will need it the most. No couple counseling, hysteria that you will be left alone and friends rescue plans anymore.
  4. It is the next level of sexual pleasure, he has 20 programs installed, easy to configure, and with extra gadgets available for a tiny cost. The robot is never on a business trip or cheating you with the first available cute 20 something girl. Additionally you can add flesh-like textures with warmth and that special perfume you liked on you ex. We have a sample of hair that can be attached by request 😀
  5. It can be your secret or plain sight partner as you wish. We have additional cost for a running partner, martial arts or capoeira teacher. If you choose to be open and let the world know you are dating one of our products we can provide you with some additional marketing discounts.
  6. It is kids friendly by design, one of the fundamental features I would say. Every time you have your friends stopping by with their kids, you can lock them out safely with your partner in the garden and you can rejoice the company of your friends. Your friends will visit you more as they would really appreciate the time to be around adults.
  7. It can be purchased with an installment agreement, up to 20 years. Any replacement of parts will be subject to warranty. So easy to spread the cost and enjoy your robotic love 😀

I had plenty of fun trying to imagine why you would take such a decision. Even though I am a technology freak I really believe humans are not so easy to be replaced. I can see a world with robots at reception, self-driving vehicles, and so on, but is still questionable if some of us will decide in the near future to have a robot as a partner. I say for now that I wouldn’t, but you never know what 20 years will bring.



PS: Just found out is the International Laughing Day, so just on time 😀