Spring kombucha

I wake up very early today and started my day with a long walk. As I felt more like exploring I end up in a borough market with products sourced locally or ethically. So after a quick look at lovely veggies, drawn by some fresh apples and great looking fresh fish and seafood I stumbled on this lady stand that was selling locally brewed kombucha drinks. As now you can buy them in almost every shop is not as exciting as the first time I tried it, but still, the promise of helping local people make a living is a good enough incentive to fancy one. The available flavors of the day were plain ginger or turmeric and ginger and I went for the last one.

Kombucha is supposedly a living organism that is eating tea and sugar 😀 and had a plethora of benefits. Few of my friends have been very into it, so from the beginning, I was exposed to the healthy revolution. Sometimes can be very very good, like a lemonade, other times like today very very sour and healthy similar to something we call borsch 😀 I am sure it was the pinnacle of health in a small glass bottle however, next time I would prefer to add 2 spoons of sweet healthy syrup to make it bearable.



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